Sinulog Festival, Cebu, Philippines

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The festival venerates the Cebuanos pagan origin and the acceptance of Roman Catholicism brought by Ferdinand Magellan when he arrived to the island in 1521. He presented the image of child Jesus or the Santo Niño and presented it to Hara Amihan the wife of Rajah Humabon as a baptismal present. Along with other rulers to the island and several hundred natives; the newly brought religion was widely accepted and were later baptized to Roman Catholic Church.
It is believed the first Sinulog originated when Hara Amihan, later renamed as Queen Juana, the mother of Carlos I (1680 - 1558) - one of the most powerful ruler in Spain and in the world, received the Santo Niño and danced with joy carrying the child Jesus on her arm using it to bless her people and to drive away evil spirits.
The women as the head of participating contingents festooned in bright and colorful costume carrying the Santo Niño dances that emulate Queen Juana to the beat of drums and trumpets and native gongs.
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