Bohol Island Tour Philippines

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Bohol island tour, Philippines

Bohol is an island full of mystery and adventures. it features the world renown Chocolate Hills in Carmen. I've seen many photos of this unique landscape and vowed years ago in fact growing up in Manila back in high school , I vowed to see this landscape someday. My timing was perfect and as an adventure photographer I am able to capture the essence of this unique landscape.

Alona beach at Panglao island is definitely a place to kick back and relax and soak in the sun and sip in the coconut juice while indulging the serene and tranquil ocean... not for me at least not this time.. I am on a mission.. to conquer and pursue nature and capture with my camera, well, someday I may include relaxation on my itinerary.

Some of the images I present here are some that I instantly got connected with. People and culture and their activities, landscapes and simply just whatever catches my eye.
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